Which Movies Are Being Released Today?

Which Movies Are Being Released Today?

If you’re wondering which movies are being released today, there are several excellent choices to consider. There’s DC’s Aquaman 2, The Wanting Mare, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, and Malayankunju. But before you make your decision, you should know the latest movie news first. Listed below are the most anticipated releases for this week. Here’s a breakdown of each. Plus, be sure to read our reviews!

The Wanting Mare

“The Wanting Mare” is a fantastic new fantasy movie. Its premise is a twisted tale of a girl who wants to get to Levithen, but she is not able to do so. In order to save the boy, Eirah steals a ticket to Levithen and is held captive by Hadeon. Meanwhile, Eirah tries to hide her horse and leverage it as a way out of Whithren. The film also includes an abandoned baby at the edge of the sea, a young man living in a shipping container, and a variety of other themes.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

John Lee Hancock is directing this upcoming horror film based on a Stephen King novella. It stars Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell, and Kiri Howell-Baptist. The film is being released on October 27, and I can’t wait to see it! This review will give you some information about this movie. Keep reading to find out why it’s good! And remember, the best horror movies aren’t always the most expensive!


The film is directed by Sajimon Prabhakar and stars Fahadh Faasil in the title role. The plot revolves around an electrician named Anirudhan who is stuck in a tunnel created by heavy rains. Fahadh Faasil and Rajisha Vijayan star in the film. The story is gripping and the movie is one of Prabhakar’s best yet.

DC’s Aquaman 2

While the first Aquaman film was one of the most successful in the DC Extended Universe, the sequel is even better. Not only is Aquaman sequel now a billion-dollar hit, but it also stars Jason Momoa, who is best known for his role as King Orm on the Game of Thrones. The sequel will feature Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller, who reunited as The Flash and Aquaman.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the latest entry in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this movie has a massive amount of action, as well as wild developments for the future of the MCU. The movie will also connect with Loki and WandaVision, which are two major characters from the comic book series. Doctor Strange is now available to buy online, and you can see the trailer for the film on Fandango.

Amazon’s horror film

If you love horror films, you can now watch them on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service has added hundreds of new titles to its horror collection in the past few years, including arthouse and low-budget creature features. With such a wide selection, you can program your own horror marathons on Amazon Prime today. The release of Mothers of Monsters is sure to get your blood pumping! Watch the trailer below and find out if the film is worth your time!

Netflix comedy

In addition to the new films listed above, Netflix also released some action comedies. Red Notice and The Adam Project were both promoted heavily by Netflix. Day Shift stars Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg. The film is about a blue-collar man who secretly hunts vampires. There are some fun improv scenes and some scripted ones. There is no doubt that this comedy will make you laugh.

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