What Movies Are in Cinemas Now?

What Movies Are in Cinemas Now?

Whether you are planning on seeing Thor: The Dark World or Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, you may be wondering, “What movies are playing now?” With our handy guide, you can find out. This article contains a summary of current movies playing in theaters and showtimes, and also includes links to new trailers for movies. Our movie guide is updated every Friday, and also has weekend movie release dates and new trailers. Note that the showtimes for movies vary depending on location and the movie theater itself.

Thor: Love and Thunder

The latest theatrical installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder, will hit cinemas on July 8. The movie is based on the Mighty Thor comics, and director Taika Waititi confirmed that Aaron would be a primary consultant on the film. Though Marvel Studios hasn’t always sought the expertise of comic book veterans, this time around, it certainly did. Here’s a closer look at some of the key elements of the movie.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

In the 1950s, a widowed cleaning lady falls in love with a couture Dior dress. To pay for her dream dress, she raises money and takes a trip to Paris. What she finds there transforms her life and the future of the House of Dior. Read on for an entertaining and inspiring story of the power of fashion. This film is suitable for all ages. Although set in 1950s London, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is a great family movie that is a must-see.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

The short film, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, is set in a small town where a single-inch-tall shell, Marcel, lives with his grandmother, Connie. When the town’s other inhabitants mysteriously disappear, Marcel is the only one left in town. After a mysterious Airbnb guest discovers him, Marcel sets off to find his family. The short film has already won millions of fans.


“Toy Story” has been a staple of the Disney and Pixar franchise for over 20 years, but “Lightyear” is one of its most original and fun films. Starring Chris Evans as a space-faring astronaut, the movie is a technical marvel, filled with charm and a slew of delightful characters. The new Pixar release marks the studio’s return to the big screen after two years of streaming-only releases. The oversized merchandise potential is likely to be a boon for the studio.

The Northman

The Stylish Theater Chain is back with a new film called The Northman. This new comedy is an award-winning comedy about a murder mystery. Creative bites are served at your seat. You can even order a bottle of wine. You can also relax on your favorite chair with a cup of hot tea or a fresh fruit smoothie. You can also grab a quick bite on the go at the Stylish Theater chain, which features innovative snacks at your seat.


A 2D animated feature from director Masaaki Yuasa, Inu-Oh will hit theaters on August 12 next year. The movie is a rock biopic that crosses the worlds of 14th century Japan and rock biopic. While it’s still unclear which countries it will be released in, there is some good news. The film has already been screened in several film festivals around the world, including the 78th Venice International Film Festival and the 46th Toronto International Film Festival.


Fall moviegoers are spoilt for choice this fall with a number of exciting releases. Among the most anticipated movies of the season are the upcoming sequels to recent hit films, as well as the final installments of blockbuster franchises. In addition to these new releases, there are a number of older classics, such as The Great Gatsby, that are getting a fresh second run. Regardless of your tastes, you’ll likely find something to love this fall.

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