Top Five Tom Cruise Movies

Top Five Tom Cruise Movies

In terms of quality control, Cruise is known for having a very high bar, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of making a bad movie. In fact, his most recent film, “The Mummy,” was an attempt to kick-start a Dark Universe of big-budget creature features. Most recent Cruise movies share a similar ambition and enthusiasm, which pays off handsomely when everything comes together.

Top Gun: Maverick

In Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise plays an aging but still hotshot fighter pilot. In the movie, Maverick faces down his deepest fears and confronts the Ghosts of the Past. The film concludes with an incredible mission involving the ultimate sacrifice, and viewers may wish the movie had been longer. It’s certainly a worthy ending to Cruise’s action hero career.

While there’s no denying that the top-rated movie of all time is a great homage to the original Top Gun, the sequel does deserve the big screen. In fact, Tom Cruise is positioning himself as a champion of the theatrical experience with movies like Top Gun and Rain Man, and recently secured a 120-day theatrical window for the film. That’s pretty impressive, but what about the rest of the Tom Cruise movies?

“Top Gun: Maverick” is a sequel to the original Top Air. Like the first film, it follows the development of the U.S. space program, from the selection of the Mercury 7 astronauts to the alien invasion of Earth. It also features Tom Cruise as the pilot of a spacecraft named Maverick, a veteran who is killed in a battle, only to be thrust back into combat once more. However, every time he refights the enemy, he comes closer to achieving victory.

Despite his past in romance and drama, Tom Cruise is firmly entrenched in the action-adventure genre. While his films often emphasize his effortless charisma and athleticism, he still brings actorly nuance to his action roles. Maverick, for example, is a dazzling example of his breezy chemistry with Jennifer Connelly. And of course, there’s also a sequel to Mission: Impossible: Maverick

Tropic Thunder

Despite its outrageous comedy, Tropic Thunder has some serious flaws. First of all, it is way over budget. It also simulates realistic warfare, attempting to stir up emotions from the actors and audience. The film stars Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr., and also has Cruise slipping into a disguise to deliver vulgar lines. The film also skewers Hollywood, but it’s not entirely worth it.

While it doesn’t take itself too seriously, Tropic Thunder is a parody of war films, satire, and Hollywood itself. It parodies a wide range of Hollywood types, from the first-time director to the brown-noser executive assistant to the power-mad studio executive. But there’s one other element of Tropic Thunder that makes it worth a try: Tom Cruise’s hilarious performance.

The movie’s director, Ben Stiller, didn’t love Cruise’s character as a producer. He wanted a character with ‘fat hands.’ Stiller was sceptical and rejected the idea, but Cruise persisted and made the role a hit. Stiller even had Cruise do a make-up test for the film, which he cut. This was the scene that launched a crazed dance routine.

It’s not hard to see why Cruise would be attracted to this role. He’s a seasoned action star, and his ability to bring the action to the masses is undeniable. His success in the ’80s and ’90s has helped him earn millions of dollars. And he continues to raise the action-movie bar. He is not just acting – he’s making ’80s-style cheese and romantic charm, as well as exhilarating flight sequences. He also works well with director Christopher McQuarrie, who’s worked on other films with Cruise, including The Mummy, Edge of Tomorrow, and Valkyrie.

Jack Reacher

It is not easy to compete with blockbuster movies starring Tom Cruise, but the Jack Reacher films are some of the actor’s best work. Based on Lee Child’s beloved novels, these films follow a former military policeman who becomes a drifter and occasionally takes on high-stakes investigations. Luckily for fans of the books, this new movie is available on Amazon Prime Video. So what’s the catch?

Atomic Blonde, starring Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton, is a great bad girl movie and a perfect Jack Reacher clone. Charlize Theron stars as the titular agent and the action scenes are breathtaking, especially since the film was shot without retakes. As a bonus, Tom Cruise also plays the villain, a former CIA officer who becomes a killer.

In the latest film, Reacher goes after a former U.S. Army sniper, who has been charged with murder. Reacher’s mission is to clear her name. After he reaches out to Samantha’s family, he discovers there is more to the story. Meanwhile, Spenser, his no-nonsense roommate Hawk, and a host of other characters are introduced. And there’s a shocking twist that makes this film even more intense.

In fact, Jack Reacher was released a year after the last Mission: Impossible movie. Tom Cruise’s career has been defined by action roles, such as the Mission: Impossible series. Despite the similarities, there are many key differences between the two franchises. In fact, Jack Reacher is the first film in the series to come out after the last Mission: Impossible film, which proved to be weaker.


If you love to see Tom Cruise in action films, you’ll love “Collateral.” It opens with the two main characters exchanging briefcases in an airport. But, “Collateral” quickly becomes another film. Starring Jamie Foxx and Jada Pinkett Smith, “Collateral” is a fast-paced thriller that follows Max, a cab driver, and his client Annie. When one of the bodies falls on Max’s taxi, he and Annie are forced to work together to find a killer.

As the titular baddie, Vincent is a violent assassin. The film’s title character, played by Jamie Foxx, resurfaces years later in the same film as Cruise’s own character. Vincent’s plan was to kill six people in order to avoid prosecution, so he took Max’s hostage Annie and fled. Max found Vincent and rescued Annie, but not before Vincent bled out and died.

As a thriller, “Collateral” does have some flaws. One is its overly familiar ending, which requires a high level of suspension of disbelief. And the dialogue is a bit predictable. Still, the film’s characters are far more complex than the typical action-thriller characters. And the film’s protagonist Max is likable and sympathetic. If nothing else, “Collateral” may just change your mind about action movies.

“Mission: Impossible”

If you’ve been looking for a good action movie, try the Mission: Impossible franchise. These action-adventure films have won Oscars and become blockbuster hits. But they’re not all made by Tom Cruise. Many other actors have also found success in action movies, including Ben Affleck, who starred as a heroic CIA analyst. This series also featured Ben Affleck, who won an Oscar for playing Jack Ryan in The Sum of All Fears.

But is Tom Cruise really the best action hero around? This question is hardly relevant for the original, which was based on Tom Cruise’s personal life. Tom Cruise elevates the material with his emotionally charged and physically daunting performance. He ditches the rock star cast (Maria Bell, Ving Rhames, Jonathan Rhys Meyers) for the third time in two films, and takes on Billy Crudup’s role as an IMF turncoat.

The television show was also a major influence on the films. The acclaimed James Bond films were made in Britain, while Mission: Impossible has remained an American classic. Despite the high-profile stars, the movie series has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The franchise has spawned countless sequels and reboots. But what makes these movies so special? First, they feature Tom Cruise in the title role.


Many critics and fans of “Valkyrie” criticized the film’s plot and its star Tom Cruise for his lack of German accent. Despite this, Cruise was still a fine actor, and his career hasn’t dipped as much as it should. While many have said Cruise’s star power has dwindled over the years, the $30 million opening weekend in Germany shows that the actor isn’t yet over.

Although the film’s release was initially set for summer 2008, the release was delayed, and many industry watchers wondered if problems were causing the delay. It was reported that Singer and Cruise had trouble getting permission to shoot in Germany, but ultimately prevailed. Some cited the large budget of the film as one of the reasons Paula Wagner was pushed out of United Artists last year. But it wasn’t entirely his fault.

Bryan Singer, who directed the movie, is a familiar name in Hollywood. He has directed movies like Mission: Impossible and The Day of the Jackal and knows how to tell a good story. While the plot is well-written and Cruise is charismatic, “Valkyrie” falls flat as far as complexity goes. Still, audiences seemed to agree with Singer. Although it received mixed reviews, it held its own at the box office.

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