Finding Movies and Web Series to Watch on Your Tablet or Smartphone

How Many Movies Has The Rock Been In?

The cost of tablets and smartphones is decreasing, and the number of people owning them is increasing as well. With these devices, a wider audience is now able to watch movies and web series, such as those produced by smaller production companies. With these devices, commuters, travellers, and other people on the go are now able to catch up on their favorite shows and movies. As such, the future of film and television entertainment is looking bright.

Rogue City

The Netflix original movie Rogue City deals with power struggles and the role of police officers. While a lone cop isn’t exactly the most appealing person to watch, his loyalty and savvy are more than enough to save the team. The story also deals with the complexities of being a better egg in a world filled with flawed characters. The movie’s eerie atmosphere makes it worth a watch, whether you’re looking for a tense thriller or a gripping action movie.

The Rogue City movies or web series is directed by Olivier Marchal, a renowned French director who is known for gritty gangster action dramas. This movie has a diverse cast, including a broodingly handsome designated lead, a clan boss, and a Corsican matriarch. While the story is not the most original, it is fun to watch and may even get you pumped up for the next Rogue City sequel.


If you’re looking for a good wartime show, you can’t go wrong with the popular ‘Restless’ series. Based on the book by William Boyd, the show tells the story of the two sisters who serve under the British Secret Service. The story is riveting and you’ll want to watch every episode of this two-part series if you haven’t yet. But first, a little background. The series revolves around the women who make it work. Hayley Atwell portrays the younger version of the titular Eva; Charlotte Rampling plays the older version of the same character. Michelle Dockery plays Ruth, a sister who is a free spirit, but exhibits the same iron resolve as Lady Mary.

The movie begins with an intriguing synopsis, and the story gets more intense as the season goes on. Unlike other cop dramas, this film is not about a good cop with morals. Thomas Blin isn’t the textbook good cop. In fact, he takes bribes from drug smugglers to keep his job. He also looks the other way when his squad is raided by the Internal Affairs department. But as the series goes on, he proves that his morals aren’t what they seem.

Lost Bullet

The critically-acclaimed Lost Bullet is a Netflix original. Its story of a whiz mechanic who gets caught up in a drug heist is both thrilling and suspenseful. While the film is not without its shortcomings, it’s still a must-watch for fans of the genre. Its second season has already spawned a sequel and has already gained 37 million viewers in its first four weeks.

The ominous Netflix homepage, bullet-shaped head, and ominous title are all part of the charm of Lost Bullet. This French crime thriller is a quick watch. You can watch it in one sitting, if you’d like. It’s available on Netflix. It’s only five episodes long, but the cast is strong. The cast includes Alban Lenoir, a stuntman before becoming an actor.

Spoiled Brats

Unlike Netflix, Hulu doesn’t premiere Spoiled Brats. However, you can find a wide variety of other funny movies and web series on the streaming service. Another Round follows the adventures of four Danish teachers and their friends. This comedy series has been popular for years, and its humor and satire will make you laugh throughout. You can watch the entire series at once, or binge-watch a few episodes.

While Spoiled Brats follows the lives of four impossibly wealthy brothers and their parents, it also offers positive messages. The characters in Spoiled Brats are incredibly flawed, but they eventually learn to adapt and grow. Though there are similar themes in other movies about flawed characters, Spoiled Brats uses comedy to teach valuable lessons. Despite its lightheartedness, Spoiled Brats is still a family comedy.

It’s Not That Simple

If you haven’t watched It’s Not That Simple yet, you can catch up on all episodes online and download them to watch later. The web series is available on Mx Player, a free video player app for Android and iOS devices. You can watch the first two seasons of the web series free or subscribe to the premium version for more episodes. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for a free trial and you’ll get access to all episodes of It’s Not That Simple.

To avoid being cheated, always choose the best source of content. Movies are generally short affairs and you’ll get to know the story within two hours. A web series, on the other hand, builds up the suspense episode by episode and can keep your attention for much longer. If you’re looking for a great way to spend your time watching movies or web series, consider Netflix.

Manoj Bajpayee

If you’re looking for a new movie to watch this summer, there are plenty of Manoj Bajpayee movies and web series available on Netflix. The actor recently released a new web series, ‘The Family Man 2’. He won many hearts with his performance as Srikant, and now he’s landed another one. His upcoming web series ‘Ray’ is based on the life of the great filmmaker Satyajit Ray. The web series will be available on Netflix on June 25.

If you’re looking for some good crime drama, look no further than Manoj Bajpayee movies. He plays a man of many tones in this action-packed crime thriller, a warring family, and a cynic who tries to save his family from a dangerous situation. Among his other films, his recent action-thriller, ‘Kidul’, has won praise from film critics.

Metro Park

If you’re looking for a new web series to watch, then Metro Park is just what you need. This Indian comedy is set in a neighborhood that is dominated by South Asian immigrants. The plot revolves around the quirks and angst of this diverse neighborhood. You’ll love it for its fresh perspective on the lives of South Asians in America. You’ll love the cast, too.

The upcoming second season of Metro Park features a host of new characters, including an extra-marital affair and a re-education program. The new episodes are slated to start filming in September 2020. You can also watch the movies in their original languages. It’s free to watch on Jio Cinema app. Just be sure to read the reviews first. The series has been rated 8.6 on Netflix, which means it’s a good choice for people who like to watch a movie.

Sacred Games

If you’re not into the glitz and glamor of Hollywood crime dramas, then you may be interested in Sacred Games. This film takes place in Mumbai, India, during the 1980s and 1990s. The main characters, Gaitonde and Suleimani Isa, are inspired by real-life gangsters Arun Gawli and Dawood Ibrahim. While the film isn’t exactly groundbreaking, the visuals are stunning.

Netflix’s “Sacred Games” is a neo-noir crime thriller based on a 2006 novel by Vikram Chandra. This series marks the first original content from India on Netflix. It is produced by Phantom Films and directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. The film is a co-production of Erik Barmack and Vikramaditya Motwane, and was named one of the most anticipated books of the year by several publications.


If you are a fan of superhero movies, you might want to watch the Invincible web series or movie. The show follows high school student Mark Grayson, who is the son of the world-renowned superhero Omni-Man. Omni-Man is a parody of Superman. The first season of the web series was released on April 29, 2021, and it has already been renewed for a second and third season.

This animated fantasy is a subversive sendup of the superhero genre, but it also works as an effective family drama. It deals with tough issues such as coping with a newfound superpower and questioning your parents’ beliefs. It is also an excellent coming-of-age story and features harrowing emotional moments as well as some bloody action sequences. Invincible is a must-watch for fans of fantasy and action movies, and it can be watched on any screen.

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